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Unit: 1. A Tour to Central Zoo: Timetable (Reading I) || Reading & Grammar Exercise || Grade 8 || English


Unit: 1 (Reading I)

A Tour to Central Zoo

Reading Exercise

A. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B.

a. tour –       iii. a visit to a place

b. board-      iv. to get on or into a vehicle ii. any animal that can live both on land and in water

c. explore-   i. travel to or around an area to learn about it

d. grand –    v. large and important

e. amphibian-         ii. any animal that can live both on land and in water

B. Answer these questions.

a. What time do the students need to arrive at school?

The students need to arrive at school at 9:00 a.m.

b. How long will it take them to reach the zoo from their school?

It will take them 45 minutes to reach the zoo from their school.

c. Why do you think the teacher will take the students’ attendance twice?

The teacher might take the students’ attendance twice to ensure that all students are present and accounted for both at the school before leaving and at the zoo before returning.

d. Why do you think the students will explore the zoo in animal groups?

The students will explore the zoo in animal groups to enhance their learning experience and focus on specific animals or types of animals during the exploration.

e. Who should the students contact if they have any problems during the tour?

The students should contact their teacher or the tour organizer if they have any problems during the tour.

C. You might have been on an educational tour from your school. Share the most exciting activity you had during the tour.

During my educational tour with my school, one of the most exciting activities we had was visiting a local science museum. It was a day filled with fascinating exhibits and interactive displays that sparked our curiosity and made learning enjoyable.

The museum had various sections dedicated to different scientific fields, ranging from biology and chemistry to physics and astronomy. One of the highlights was the hands-on laboratory, where we got to perform simple experiments and observe scientific principles in action. We were able to conduct experiments such as creating chemical reactions, testing the properties of different materials, and even witnessing the laws of motion through various apparatus.

Another thrilling experience was the planetarium show. We entered a dome-shaped theater and were surrounded by a projected night sky, complete with stars, constellations, and celestial bodies. The show took us on a virtual journey through the universe, explaining concepts like galaxies, black holes, and the solar system. It felt like we were floating in space, and it sparked our imaginations and deepened our understanding of the vastness of the cosmos.

Furthermore, there were interactive exhibits where we could explore topics like robotics, renewable energy, and the human body. We had the chance to operate robotic arms, build structures using engineering principles, and even simulate surgeries using virtual reality technology. These hands-on activities made the learning experience engaging and allowed us to apply what we had learned in the classroom.

Overall, the visit to the science museum was a memorable and exciting activity during our educational tour. It not only expanded our knowledge but also ignited our passion for science and exploration. The interactive nature of the exhibits and the immersive experiences provided a unique opportunity for us to learn in a fun and engaging way.

Grammar I

A. Change the following statements into yes/no questions.

a. They could rescue the victims.

Could they rescue the victims?

b. Linda can win the match.

Can Linda win the match?

c. Your mother can drive a car.

Can your mother drive a car?

d. You could help me.

Could you help me?

e. He would suggest a solution to a problem.

Would he suggest a solution to a problem?

f. They would do social work.

Would they do social work?

g. Your father would take us to the park.

Would your father take us to the park?

h. You could come to meet me.

Could you come to meet me?

B. Fill in the blanks using can, could and would. Use negation if necessary.

a. I ………..go to the party last night because I was sick.


b. A: ….. Ganesh cook Thakali food? B: Yes, he can.


c. My sister …….ride a bike last year, but now she …….


d. If I had a car, I …… it around the city.


e. Lots of dinosaurs walked on land, but some ……. fly or even swim.


f. I wish they ……. take us to visit a new place.


g. I …… read without my reading glasses. Where are they?


h. I ……..rather go to the cinema today.


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